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Research has found that good parent-child communication around sexuality has many positive effects for teens – including helping them protect their own sexual health.  Good parent-child communication leads to lower sexual risk behaviours.  While this role in the past was taken up by aunts and uncles, the change in this social set up has required parents to step in and take up the role of supporting their adolescent and young adult children with these important life decisions.

The Parent-Child Communication Program (PCC) was designed and piloted with the intention of increasing the comfort of parents and adolescents in discussing sensitive issues surrounding sexuality and reproductive health. The pilot was successfully conducted under the H4+ initiative in 2014-2015. The program has since been scaled up with funding from the Health Development Fund under the banner of the UNFPA Safe Guard Young People Program (SYP) which is co-funded by the Swiss Development Agency. The HDF is funded by the governments of Britain, Ireland, Sweden and the European Union.

This collection of real life stories of programmers and beneficiaries whose lives have been truly changed for the better showcases the success of the Parent to Child Communication program.