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11 July 2021
Press Release

UNFPA calls for greater investment in SRH & GBV services for women and young people

On World Population Day, UNFPA is calling for continued investment in the provision of Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) and Gender Based Violence (... Read more

1 July 2021

“Taking IUCD as a nurse motivating women in the community”

After the birth of her child Sister Makwanya decided to use the IUCD. As fortune would have it she did not need to travel far to get this done.... Read more

30 June 2021

Strengthening Sexuality education and GBV prevention in schools: Teachers meaningfully engaged in Guidance and Counselling trainings

Under the European Union funded Spotlight Initiative and with support from UNFPA, 592 teachers and school heads were trained in CSE within the... Read more

18 June 2021

UNFPA supports establishment of National GBV Information Management System and Harmonised Framework under Spotlight Initiative

UNFPA, under the Spotlight Initiative to eliminate violence against women and girls, recently organised and facilitated a consultative and validation... Read more

10 June 2021

Abstaining and Learning To Be Different

After realising that PCC is helping her and other girls with important information on abstinence and safer sexual practices and, Confidence has taken... Read more

4 June 2021

“Educating both men and women on family planning is key”

UNFPA is supporting Zimbabwe in procuring IUCDs, Implants and Injectables to ensure expanding choices and improving access to comprehensive... Read more

1 June 2021

Spotlight Initiative supports Protection from Sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) in Tertiary Institutions

The guidelines emphasize that the responses to SEA and SH to be developed at all institutions should not be a one size fits all but rather customised... Read more

28 May 2021

UNFPA, Zimstat & partners prepare for 2022 Population Census

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat) and other stakeholders are preparing for the Population... Read more

21 May 2021

The joint efforts of BCFs and Village head empowers women against property deprivation in Spotlight Initiative supported Umzingwane District

In Umzingwane District, more women like Nobuhle are now empowered to prevent and identify GBV, seek services early, report and seek follow up support... Read more

11 May 2021

Menstruation and human rights - Frequently asked questions

How is menstruation related to human rights? When does menstruation start? What are common myths and taboos about menstruation? What is period... Read more