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Setting up of community shelters in selected districts




The Spotlight Initiative (SI) is a global, multi-year partnership between European Union and United Nations to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls by 2030. The initiative targets countries in Asia Africa, Latin America, the Pacific and the Caribbean with a view to achieving significant improvements in the lives of women and girls. Zimbabwe is one of the eight countries in Africa to benefit from this transformative initiative. In Zimbabwe, the SI has a vision that women and girls realize their full potential in a violence-free, gender-responsive and inclusive Zimbabwe. To achieve this, the SI Zimbabwe Country Programme will use a multi-sectoral, multi-layered, interlinked community-centered approach to the implementation of the interventions following six Outcome Areas i.e.


  1. Legislative and Policy Frameworks
  2. Strengthening Institutions
  3. Prevention and Social Norms
  4. Delivery of Quality, Essential Services
  5. Data Availability and Capacities
  6. Supporting the Women’s Movement     


It is under outcome 4 that community based shelters are proposed in partnership with non-governmental organisations or civil society organisations operating in Zimbabwe. UNFPA therefore seeks to engage partners fitting such a description and able to provide such services.


Geographical coverage

Three districts will be covered, that is

  1. Umzingwane (Matabeleland South),
  2. Hurungwe (Mashonaland West) and
  3. Muzarabani (Mashonaland Central).


The districts were selected as part of the 23 districts prioritised under the SI using the following criteria:

  • Identified hotspots based on reviewed and relevant evidence on SGBV and HP
  • Previously excluded and marginalized communities
  • Engagement in communities where good practices are emerging and need to be up-scaled to expand the geographical reach in the districts where programmes exist


Key Deliverables

  • Identify suitable space to set up community shelters in consultation with relevant multi sectoral stakeholders including host communities among which are persons with disabilities
  • Facilitate setting up of shelters including renovations where relevant
  • Operationalise shelters including hiring of appropriate staff



The programme will initially run from August 2019 to December 2019 with possibility of extension and funding dependent on results achieved.


Eligibility criteria

Registered non-governmental/civil society organisations that have the skills and experience to manage shelters or other forms of GBV services provision interventions. UNFPA would like to engage organisations that have the management and technical capacity to provide high quality service delivery (see attached annexure for more details)