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  1. Background

UNFPA has a mandate to prevent maternal deaths through various strategies that include ensuring safe motherhood and is working with the Ministry of Health and Child Care to reduce preventable maternal deaths. One of the contributing factors to maternal deaths is delay in reaching a health facility by the pregnant woman. A Maternity Waiting Home (MWH) within easy reach of maternity services provides pregnant women with the opportunity to access skilled birth attendants in time. A MWH is a facility within easy reach of a hospital or health center where high risk pregnant women are accommodated during their final weeks of pregnancy while awaiting labour. It is an extension of the maternity unit. The women should easily access the maternity department day and night. The maternity department should be accessible by wheel chair and stretcher for transfer when labour begins. An ideal MWH should have good infrastructure with cooking, storage, relaxation, sleeping, laundry, recreational, bathing and ablution areas. There should also be adequate lighting, water and sanitation.


The targeted MWH of Chipinge, Chimanimani (Mutambara Mission Hospital) and Birchenough Bridge District hospitals are accommodating pregnant women but need some renovations and upgrading to make them more ideal for the women’s comfort and security. Assessment of the three MWH is required to inform the renovations and upgrades that need to be done.


  1. Overall Responsibility

Under the guidance of the UNFPA contact person and, Ministry of Health and Child Care, and working in collaboration with Public Works, the consultant will play the following role in the assessment of three health centers namely:

  1. Chipinge District Hospital
  2. Birchenough Bridge District Hospital
  3. Mutambara Mission Hospital


  1. Specific Duties and Responsibilities
  • Undertake site visits, together with Ministry of Health and Child Care and Public Works relevant technical officers, to the identified sites, conduct detailed assessment of the condition of the maternity waiting homes and guide on the works that need to be undertaken to make the MWHs ideal for the pregnant women’s comfort, movement and security.
  • Assessment to include sleeping rooms, cooking facilities, toilets, bathing facilities, security, water and sanitation, solar, borehole and other identified needs
  • Provide technical specifications for the infrastructure refurbishment (including drawings where necessary)
  • Preparation of Inspection report and technical specifications highlighting the existing conditions, defects, and recommendations for required repairs.
  • Produce bill of quantities showing scope of work to be carried out on the three health centres.
  • Provide a costing estimates based on the BOQ.
  • Proposed arrangements for supervising and managing the construction contract.
  1. Deliverables/Final Product
  • Survey/Inspection Report on all the health centres, highlighting the existing conditions, defects, and recommendations for required repairs.
  • Technical Specification of required repairs (including drawings where necessary).
  • Bill of quantities showing full scope of work to be carried out on all the health centres.
  • Proposed arrangements for supervising and managing the construction contract.
  1. Reporting Requirements:

The subscriber shall be responsible for the following:


  1. Site visits to the three health centres
  2. Submit an inspection report, technical specifications and bill of quantities.


Payment processing is subject to the submission of this report.


        6. Duration of the consultancy


One month (with a total 10 working days on the assignment)  UNFPA will cover the travel costs.


  1. Qualifications and Experience
  • At least a Degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering or equivalent.  Relevant demonstrated experience can be substituted for academic qualifications.
  • The Contractor must have background  and experience in construction project management.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience out of which preferably 3 at managerial level
  • Registered with a Professional Engineering body
  • Hands-on experience working with Government structures
  • Excellent written and spoken English, knowledge of Shona or Ndebele essential.
  • Proficiency in office software applications.


The closing date for submission of applications is Monday, 20 July 2020 at 1700 hours.  All applications should be submitted electronically to 



• There are no advance fees, application, processing or other fees at any stage of the application and recruitment process.

• UNFPA does not solicit, screen or discriminate on the basis of HIV/AIDS status.

• Please note that UNFPA will respond and contact ONLY shortlisted applicants.

• UNFPA is an equal opportunity employer and qualified women are encouraged to apply.