Community Dialogues Facilitators Manual

No. of pages: 38

Publication date: 2018

Author: UNFPA


Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC), Ministry of Women Affairs and Youth (MoWAY), Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) and National AIDS Council (NAC) and other partners are contributing to the Health Development Fund (HDF) 2016-2020. With support from DFID, Irish Aid and the Government of Sweden, this programme is implemented within the context of the National Health Sector Strategy (2016-2020). The programme aims to increase knowledge and utilisation of integrated HIV prevention, SRHR and GBV services. This is promoted through community interventions that include community dialogues. Community Dialogues are among the interventions identified to strengthen community systems and increase uptake of SRHR, HIV and AIDS and SGBV services by communities, including key populations i.e. sex workers and people living with disability.
Using this manual, trained community leaders will facilitate community dialogue sessions that empower communities with the knowledge they need to make healthy decisions and to engage in discussions related to solving issues that affect them at community level.   The manual is interactive, equipping both the facilitator and the participants with new information and skills.  Providing information and education is only one component of influencing an individual to change behaviour. The community leaders, working with support and guidance of the implementing partner organisations, should be aware of this limitation. As a result, they will draw on the expertise and skills of BCFs, other organisations and stakeholders located within their communities. These organisations and stakeholders, from faith-based entities to health facilities, to law enforcement agencies and support groups, are equipped with diverse skill-sets to assist individuals and communities in changing their behaviour. As a result, individuals that require information beyond the expertise of the community leader will be referred to these organisations for services. Working together, community leaders and stakeholders will strive to improve the health of their communities.